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Emerald Group is a business house promoted by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with varied avenues of business interest. Emerald Group is active in sectors like Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, Automobiles, Sanitation & Environmental Biotechnology, International Liaisoning, Import-Export and General Trade. The idea behind formation of this corperate group is to serve the Nepal market with best quality products and services. Emerald Group has achieved considerable amount of success in each field where it is involved in and it is widely recognized in the market as a reliable corperate house.

We have played a very vital role in equipping the healthcare establishments in Nepal by bringing-in best available technology and also by providing quality services, which is well recognized in the domestic market.

We continue to work hard to enhance our presence in the market by adapting to new technologies in order to improve quality of life of the Nepalese population in every possible manner.